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Fall is the season of misty mornings, crisp air and vibrant colors - rich earthy tones, rusty reds and an amazing variety of green, yellow, and orange hues. Browse our brilliant autumn inspired selection of home accessories to prepare for the upcoming cold and cosy evenings at home.

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CHF 147

Lovely, cute and straight from the fantasy world, this little candle holder has been designed by Jaime Hayon as a part of the Forget Me Not Collection by BOSA.


CHF 198

Add a splash of color and sophistication to your inside or outside space with this crackled glass apple sculpture by Lisa Pappon.

Vetrerie Di Empoli 

CHF 325

Bring the Italian flair into your home with this beautifully shaped and textured pitcher, an exquisite reminder of the dolce vita era.


CHF 75

Effortlessly chic and beautifully crafted in Italy set of 4 napkin rings that will bring a sense of elegance to your table with ease.


CHF 820

 TORO is a ceramic container that combines mythology and functionality - isn't it just animazing?!


CHF 1.680

More than a game! Masterfully handcrafted in precious Canaletto walnut and brass, and adorned with leather details, this bowling set is an ultimate statement piece for your home or office.


CHF 180

Enhance your bathroom decor with rich blonde and brown hues and organic decorative pattern of this exceptionally original collection of handcrafted bath accessories.


CHF 685

Minimalism and understated sophistication! Get inspired by an excellent Italian design and meticulous craftsmanship with this modern, wonderfully textured vase.


CHF 520

Get inspired by an excellent Italian design and meticulous craftsmanship with this luxurious, ultra chic  and wonderfully textured tissue box.


CHF 250

BLUE JULIAN is an out of ordinary creature that belongs to the MOMONSTERS Collection by Giovanni Motta. Despite its name, this sculpture is available in various colors.


CHF 1.290

With its rich metallic finish, striking in form and colorful textures, KANDTI by Elena Salmistraro, is an exquisite vase sculpture that will catch your gaze.


CHF 249

Simple yet exquisitely chic, this stylish basket will add a touch of sophistication and classic elegance to your space.

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