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SHOWROOM aims to showcase unique and original home decor products and furnishings to individual and professional clients that share the appreciation for art, perfect design, quality craftsmanship and creativity. We celebrate anything unique, well designed, premium quality, hand made and of course...innovative! In other words, our goal is to supply anything that makes one’s living or working space completely their own. Our mission is to promote emerging and independent designers, artists, artisans and manufacturers with like minds and similar core values. If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


SHOWROOM goes beyond the boundaries of an online store, providing the opportunity to stock businesses as well. We strive to provide carefully curated original offers to premiere interior stores, designers and architects in Switzerland. We offer wholesale pricing to qualified retail buyers, and trade discounts to licensed interior designers and architects. Currently in our B2B offer: BOSA, BOROWSKI GLASS, LADORADA, DANISH FUEL, VETRERIE DI EMPOLI and maybe YOU?!

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