Designing, redesigning or just refreshing your living and/or working space can be overwhelming. We know you want your place to shine with unique statement pieces with their own stories to tell. SHOWROOM offers a full range of interior design and decorating services. We are also more than happy to assist if you just need to fill in a few gaps with new furniture and accessories in your home, office or garden.


SHOWROOM provides a perfectly curated selection of high quality, original and often unique home decor products and furnishings. If you do not find the item you would like to have in our current collections don’t hesitate to ask, we will find it for you. Just fill us in with your needs, wants and likes.


Each design project includes a scale floor plan that will best determine how to furnish the space. This enables us to try out different ideas before you decide on a single piece of furniture.


The right color palette sets the tone and invigorates each room. Paint is the most dramatic and cost-effective way to change a space. Our associated experts will create a perfect color palette that works in your space.


See your room designed and sketched by an expert, filled with furniture and accessories that you can buy on the spot or that we can source for you. Sketching is a premium service perfect for anyone looking for a complete and professional space arrangement concept or who just need inspiration (colors, furniture, lighting, decoration) to design or redesign their space.


These are the details that make homes personal and specific to each client. SHOWROOM will highlight and incorporate your treasured possessions and suggest new additions to fully complete your space.


SHOWROOM wants to work with you! We offer discounts to professionals and encourage you to reach out for a consultation or to find out how we can help you reach your buying or selling goals.