Eva Gieselberg


Eva Gieselberg

Eva Gieselberg is a german artist living in Ravensburg and Mallorca. She is a motoring journalist by trade, a passionate classic Volvo driver and the inventor of the colorful #CANDYCARS photography series. In her technically and aesthetically compelling photo editions, it is the interplay between car, color and light that arouses strong emotions in the viewer and makes them smile. The artist works with the aesthetic reduction of minimalism. Adhering to the motto ‚Less is enough‘, these graphic photographs play with the orientation of colors and shapes of aged toy cars. We associate these little car models from our childhood with pleasant memories. Beautiful shapes, classic design and vibrant colors - the cars are a universal carrier of good mood.

solo shows

2020 Academy of the Diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart, STUTTGART
2019 Dr. Keck, WEINGARTEN
2018 LEO LAB Photographie, HAMBURG
2016 Oldtimer Tankstelle, HAMBURG
2016 Galerie 5, COLOGNE
2016 Special exhibition for Mercedes Benz at the museum of industrial culture ‚Henrichshütte’, HATTINGEN

group exhibitions

2018 WOW!, Accrochage Galerie 21.06, RAVENSBURG
2018 Power of Space, Uli Schuh Bürokommunikation, RAVENSBURG
2017 High Precision, Galerie 21.06, RAVENSBURG
2017 10 years anniversery exhibition, Galerie 5, KÖLN
2017 Pop- and Streetart Show, Galerie KuRa, HAMBURG
2017 ’Planes, Trains & Automotives’, 1650 Gallery, LOS ANGELES

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