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CHF 2.100

Time to think outside the box! Give your garden a touch of excitement and creativity with this highly individual friendly creature from BOROWSKI Outdoor Obejcts Collection.

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PAVO is one of the friendly creatures and characters of BOROWSKI OUTDOOR OBJECTS, the most unique and imaginative works of art made of glass. 

BOROWSKI OUTDOOR OBJECTS create a wonderful link to their environment bringing a fraction of their own world right into yours. They invite their owners to smile, dream and linger in the present moment. These highly individual, happy visitors will enliven your garden or balcony and lend your favorite spot a very special bit of magic. The OUTDOOR OBJECTS are weatherproof and can stand outside all year long. All these art objects are handmade and handblown with the utmost care.

CM 88 x 106 x 54

When fastening your object, you should make sure that it stands securely and does not wobble or tip over, even in wind or with knocks. Use the mounting eyelets we provide and position your object so that it is safe from falling rocks or breaking branches. Keep in mind that the objects are very heavy due to their quality and protruding parts (e.g. beaks, eyes, ears, tails, crowns) are not suitable as handles.

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