The White Guest by Jaime Hayon
  • The White Guest by Jaime Hayon
  • The White Guest by Jaime Hayon in large.
  • Two white The Guest figurines in two sizes.
  • The white Guest on the table. staged photo.
  • Two The Guest figurines ( a large white and a small limited edition piece) on a side table. staged photo.


CHF 300

Perfect in white, this iconic piece of luxury porcelain will elevate your home decoration to new heights of sophistication!

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Meticulously handcrafted in Spain by Lladro's expert artisans, this magnificent luxury porcelain figurine exemplifies their unparalleled skill and commitment to excellence. This flawlessly white, high-end designer sculpture poised elegantly on a minimalist stand is an ultimate piece that will take your home decor to a whole new level. This charming and adaptable home decor item will seamlessly integrate into any modern interior, making it an ideal addition to your living room, bedroom, or workspace. Made from the finest porcelain, The Guest Figurine is more than just an eye-catching decorative object - it's a representation of your impeccable taste and admiration for modern design. Its unmatched quality and enduring allure make it a perfect gift for any art aficionado or collector who values life's finer aspects.

The Guest Figurine is available in a variety of colors and two dimensions. 

SMALL CM H30 x 11 / INCH H11.81 x 4.33
LARGE CN H52 x 19 / INCH H

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