BLUE JULIAN by Giovanni Motta in Green Gradient Finish. Momonsters Collection
  • BLUE JULIAN by Giovanni Motta in Green Gradient Finish. Momonsters Collection
  • A group of several Momensters, ceramic sculptures by Giovanni Motta.
  • green gradient color swatch



CHF 340

BLUE JULIAN is an out of ordinary creature that belongs to the MOMONSTERS Collection by Giovanni Motta. Despite its name, this sculpture is available in various colors.

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So very extraordinary in an emerald green gradient finish, BLUE JULIAN is a very special member of the MOMONSTERS series by Giovanni Motta. Inspired by Japanese cartoons, this unusual collection features five different characters made by hand with utmost care with attention to the smallest detail. BLUE JULIAN is available in various colors and finishes - please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

"The momonsters are colorful souls who live in my realm. They are the thrills of a fair ride, but without the fear. Their home is an abandoned fairground. They are little sculptures made of clay, paper and resin. Every now and then, one of them comes to life and becomes a piece of pottery, a painting or a cartoon strip. Blue Julian is thoughtful, diligent and calm. He is light-hearted, profound, introverted and sweet. Red Atomic is energetic, strong and inquisitive. He is Blue Julian’s inseparable brother and is ardent and intense. Blue Black is the new arrival. A very special character. It reminds me of unforgettable moments, the legendary battles fought with a fountain pen and ink eradicator. With the ink I created the scenery and then destroyed it with the ink eradicator, fighting imaginary battles.” Giovanni Motta

CM 32 x H30 / INCH 12.6 x H11.81

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