Frantisek Jungvirt Soft Lilac Glass Vase, Garden Basic Collection
  • Frantisek Jungvirt Soft Lilac Glass Vase, Garden Basic Collection
  • A group of 3 vases in various colors from the Garden Basic Collection by Frantisek Jungvirt
  • A group of 3 various glass vases by Frantisek Jungvirt
  • Garden Basic Collection - Color Chart
  • soft purple glass vase



CHF 450

Let the spotlight shine on your floral arrangement with this delicate lilac purple vase, embodying the essence of minimalism to perfectly showcase your blooms.

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Elegant, timeless, and exuding sophistication, this vase exemplifies the fusion of traditional mouth-blown glassmaking techniques with a modern flair. The Garden Basic Collection by Frantisek Jungvirt presents a breathtaking array of exquisite glass vases, paying homage to nature's splendor as witnessed in vibrant gardens brimming with flora in all shades and hues. Boasting a sleek, classic design and solid colors, these vases are crafted to enhance your bouquet and let your imagination run wild. They make a statement on their own but truly shine when paired with vivid or carefully chosen neutral floral arrangements that breathe life and inspiration into your living space. Adorn your kitchen or living room with one or two pieces, and experience the unparalleled freshness that comes from the flawless union of the ideal bouquet and vase. These remarkably elegant vases come in a variety of shades, both opaque and transparent, so feel free to reach out to us at SHOWROOM for specific inquiries.

CM H 34,5 x D 16 / INCH H 13,58 x D 6.3 

mouth-blown, hand-cut and polished glass
opaque: white, yellow, orange, pink, light green, turquoise, dark turquoise, light blue,
 purple, beige, olive, black
transparent: smoke, amber, crystal, winy purple, blue, dark blue, cherry, uranium

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