CHF 540

Elevate your home decor with the essence of luxury and artistic wonder and let this striking vase in scarlet red become a cherished masterpiece, forever telling the story of elegance, love, and the pursuit of beauty.

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Gorgeous, mesmerizing, and undeniably captivating, the BLOOM Vase in Scarlet Red is a stunning masterpiece that will ignite a passionate fire within your home decor. Designed by the talented Czech glass artist and designer, Frantisek Jungvirt, this heart-shaped vase is a true testament to the artistry of hand-blown glass craftsmanship. Made from the finest and most unique ruby glass, this piece casts a striking red hue achieved through the infusion of colloidal gold dissolved in molten glass, creating a color as vivid as it is opulent. With every glance, the BLOOM Vase in Scarlet Red captivates the eye and adorns your space with an air of sophistication and exclusivity.

To ensure its authenticity, each BLOOM Vase is signed and certified by Frantisek Jungvirt himself. This extraordinary piece is a testament to his commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of glass art. Indulge in the luxurious and passionate world of the BLOOM Vase in Scarlet Red. With its exceptional craftsmanship, rich heritage, and captivating design, it is more than just a centerpiece—it is a work of art that elevates your space and reflects the beauty within.

CM H 19.5 x D 16 / INCH H 7.68 x D 6.3
CM H 29.5 x D 24 / INCH H 11.62 x D 9.45

mouth-blown, hand-cut, polished to the highest gloss

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