BRAZZA VASE biscay bay
  • BRAZZA VASE biscay bay
  • BRAZZA VASE biscay bay
  • BRAZZA VASE biscay bay



CHF 1.003

With its rich metallic finish, striking in form and colorful textures, BRAZZA by Elena Salmistraro, is an exquisite vase sculpture that will catch your gaze.

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BRAZZA is a stunning vase sculpture depicting De Brazza’s monkey, an Old World monkey belonging to the family of African cercopithecidae. 

Designed by Elena Salmistraro for BOSA,  BRAZZA is a part of PRIMATES Collection including fine ceramic vases, wall decorations and plates. Extraordinary in form and coloring creations are to remind us of the delicate relationship between man and ape. Apes are these animals that best evoke man, in their body shape, expressions and movements. These powerful similarities are what makes BOSA’s PRIMATE Collection fascinating with its “soul” encompassed in the details and colorful textures. BRAZZA vase will make an exquisite decoration, a stunning accent piece that will seduce you with its vital force. 

Dimensions: H40 x W25.5 x D23 cm

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